1.2 Release

1 minute read

The latest release of Zavala is out. It mostly focuses on enabling you to use Zavala as something of a word processor by leveraging the Notes field.

When you use the Notes field for verbiage and select one of the new Doc output formats, you will get something like a word processor would put out. This enables you to do an outline of a document you want to write and then fill it out with full details later.

I find it very useful and I hope you will too.

  • Export & Print Options
    • There are new “Doc” export and print options. The Doc commands treat the row Topic as a section header and the row Note as paragraph text. This allows you to create word-processor-like documents in an outline format. The “List” commands are the ones that output most like a pure outline and are what was the only option up to version 1.2.
    • You can print both Doc and List formats
    • You can export to PDF both the Doc and List formats
    • You can export to Markdown both the Doc and List formats
  • Made leading swipe complete and trailing swipe delete now that we have button affordances for these actions
  • Added Get Info to Outline list context menu
  • Completed rows are now announced as such when using VoiceOver
  • Added the ability to override Light or Dark mode in the Settings under Color Palette
  • Fixed a bug where text might not get saved if a window is closed immediately after typing in it
  • Moving rows up and down will now scroll the cursor into view if it goes outside the window
  • Fixed a bug where editing a Notes field could cause drawing errors in other rows
  • You no longer have to execute the Add Note command twice in a row to get it to work
  • Mac
    • You can now open OPML files from the Finder and they will import into Zavala
    • Enabled AppleScript for basic built in functionality
    • Ellipsis are now correctly used in the main menu to denote that additional information will be requested when activated
  • iOS
    • Zavala on iPadOS 15 now displays the menu style keyboard shortcuts
    • You can now share files directly to Zavala from Files and other apps