1.2 Beta 1

1 minute read

Zavala 1.2 Beta 1 is now available in TestFlight for iOS and macOS. To test it on macOS you need to be using the macOS 12 Monterey beta and have downloaded the TestFlight beta app.

Here is the TestFlight link.

Release Notes

  • Export & Print Options
    • There are new “Doc” export and print options. The Doc commands treat the row Topic as a section header and the row Note as paragraph text. This allows you to create word-processor-like documents in an outline format. The “List” commands are the ones that output most like a pure outline and are what was the only option up to version 1.2.
    • You can print both Doc and List formats
    • You can export to PDF both the Doc and List formats
    • You can export to Markdown both the Doc and List formats
  • Made leading swipe complete and trailing swipe delete now that we have button affordances for these actions
  • Added Get Info to Outline list context menu
  • Completed rows are now announced as such when using VoiceOver
  • Added the ability to override Light or Dark mode in the Settings under Color Palette
  • Fixed a bug where text might not get saved if a window is closed immediately after typing in it
  • Moving rows up and down will now scroll the cursor into view if it goes outside the window
  • Fixed a bug where editing a Notes field could cause drawing errors in other rows
  • You no longer have to execute the Add Note command twice in a row to get it to work
  • Mac
    • You can now open OPML files from the Finder and they will import into Zavala
    • Enabled AppleScript for basic built in functionality
    • Ellipsis are now correctly used in the main menu to denote that additional information will be requested when activated
  • iOS
    • Zavala on iPadOS 15 now displays the menu style keyboard shortcuts
    • You can now share files directly to Zavala from Files and other apps