2.0 Release

3 minute read

The next big version of Zavala is now available on the App Store. There are a lot of big changes in v2 of Zavala.

We now have extensive support Shortcuts. I tried to make everything about an outline scriptable. Check out the new Help for how to use them and for some nifty examples. The possibilities for extending Zavala are limitless.

The Go Backward and Go Forward buttons really help navigating if you are interconnecting Outlines using links or even just working with more than one Outline at a time. This is great for building an interconnected personal knowledgebase.

Brad Ellis provided a lot of design input into v2 of Zavala and I feel that it greatly improved the app. Check out the new control to add Tags to an Outline for an example of Brad’s amazing work. We also did many smaller tweaks that make the app feel more polished and professionally done.

To top it all off, we have a set of professionally made icons from Brad.

  • Change Log
    • Added support for Shortcuts
    • Added Go Backward and Go Forward buttons and keyboard shortcuts
    • The Filter Completed and Hide Notes commands have been consolidated into a single Filter function
    • You can now view images at full size and zoom in on them by tapping or clicking on them
    • Removed the Recents collection
    • Added the ability to rename and delete tags in the Collections View
    • Added multiple select in the Collections View and the Outlines View
    • Added support for Emoji in titles, tags, and rows
    • Cut and paste now works on rich text
    • The ⌘-A key now selects all documents or rows depending on the context
    • The up and down shortcut keys, control-p and control-n now work in the Outline Editor
    • Using the option key while clicking a disclosure chevron now cascades correctly
    • The Indent and Outdent commands have been removed from the Editor context menu. We have multiple, better ways to execute these commands.
    • Lots and lots of User Interface refinements
    • Bug Fixes
      • We now clear the dock recents menu when importing from the Finder
      • Fixed a bug where we didn’t move the cursor to the new row when adding it because the current row was too long
      • Stop the cursor from moving to the end of the field if we alt-tab out of the window
      • We now break links if there is a space even if the cursor is in the middle of the line
      • You now only have to press return once to submit the link dialog when in the URL field
      • Share and Share a Copy functions are now Collaborate and Share respectively
      • Quick Notes now has the correct document title if we change the document title while editing the outline
      • Zavala now scrolls the renamed outline into view on the timeline if it isn’t visible in the new location
      • When you create a new Outline in the link dialog, we will automatically add a Tag to that Outline if a Tag is selected in the Collections View
      • We now try to determine the most likely tag to select in the Collections View when using links to navigate between documents
      • We now scroll the editor into view if cursoring up into the Tag or Title fields and they weren’t previously visible
      • Enabling caps lock no longer breaks arrow key navigation
      • Fixed a crash that could happen when exiting a document search
    • macOS
      • Added the History menu
      • The Collection View and Outline View selections now highlight in the accent color. Before it was too difficult to see the selection depending on the window background.
      • The Tag menu that is used to delete a tag in the Editor is now triggered with a context-click
      • Initiating Open Quickly from the Main Window now uses an inline open dialog like on iPad so that you don’t leave the Main Window
    • iOS
      • The disclosure chevron is now on the left side for iPhone and smaller sizes on iPad
      • Moved most of the navigation buttons to the accessory view on the iPad because I ran out of space in the navigation bar.
      • Added better support for multitasking. You can now drag tags or outlines out of the application to start new window instances.
      • We now dismiss the font picker when a font is selected in Settings.
      • The Tag menu that is used to delete a tag in the Editor is now triggered with a long press