This field is the text that you want to link. If you don’t select anything, you can begin typing in this field. Zavala will offer to complete the text with existing Outline names. If you select one of the existing Outlines, the Link field will automatically be populated with the Link to that Outline.

This can be a link to any URL. It can be a link to a web page or a link to another Outline.

New Outline

If you fill out the Text field, but not the Link field, you can create a new Outline from that information. The new Outline will have a name that is the same as that in the Text field. The Link field will be automatically populated with the Link to the new Outline. The result is a link to the newly created Outilne in the Outline that you are editing.

The New Outline function is a “+” button in the Navigation bar on iPhone and iPad.