2.2 Release

2 minute read

A new release of Zavala is now available in the iOS and Mac App Stores.

Hot on the heals of the 2.1 release, here is 2.2. There are a number of features that were intended to be in the 2.1 release, but got bumped to 2.2. They were already partially complete, so that made it much easier to get 2.2 out.

The most requested enhancement in 2.2 is the Focus command. I tried to keep it as simple as possible, while still making it as useful as it is in other outliners. Focus is great when you want to work on a specific part of an outline and ignore the rest for a while. It is a super useful feature.

Another big feature is the ability to automatically change a link title. For example, if you are making a list of items on the web, you can just past a link into Zavala. Zavala will then grab the web page for the link and change the pasted link’s title to that of the page. You have to enable it on an outline by outline basis. To learn more, read about it in Zavala Help - Linking.

Check out the Change Log below for more new features and bug fixes.

  • Change Log
    • You can now Focus In on a Row in an Outline to hide other rows around it. There is a new toolbar button, context menu item, and menu items to support this.
    • The Settings panel has been rewritten to be more consistent between the Mac version and the iOS version. Settings now has a shared codebase that will make it faster and easier to add new features in the future.
    • Zavala can now automatically change an http link’s to the web page title if none was supplied. This is enabled on an outline by outline basis. It can be enabled to default new outlines to allowing this in Settings or in the Get Info of a specific outline.
    • If an item is dropped on the Outline Editor and it has a link in addition to text on the pasteboard, then we will automatically create a link from that information. This allows us to things like drag a mail message from Mail.app to Zavala and create a link that opens in Mail.app when clicked in Zavala.
    • There is now a new Settings option that allows you to disable the animations in the Outline Editor to make actions feel more instantaneous.
    • Outline word count is new available in the Get Info dialog.
    • Editor width is now able to be limited to a readable limit when in full screen or other large configurations.
    • If the cursor is moved during a Search, we now scroll the Outline to the cursor when the search ends.
    • We changed the Mac default toolbar button locations to more closely match current standards. The Hide Sidebar button is in the Sidebar and the Navigation buttons are in the Documents view (the middle panel).
    • Tab and Shift-Tab indents and outdents when one or more rows are selected in an outline
    • Font no longer shows up as an option on the Mac’s text context menu
    • When an Outline is created using Shortcuts, we now populate the Owner Info and Automatic Link Title Changes from Settings
    • Fixed the Create Row Inside command so that the parent row’s bullet changes to a disclosure chevron
    • Fixed a crash that can occur when updating the Documents panel.